Vignaioli Selection

Italian for “vine-dresser,”someone who tends to the vines (pl. vignaioli)

Terroir: “the total natural environment of any viticultural site, defined in terms of climate, sunlight, geography, and soil water relations”, “To the extent that terroirs remain unique, and poorly understood,” write the authors of the Oxford Companion to Wine, “one can therefore hope that they will continue to help mould the infinite variety and individuality of the best wines, giving the special nuances of character that make wine such a fascinating study for wine-maker and consumer alike. Vivent les différences!”






10/7/2014 Silvano Brescianini from Barone Pizzini and Pievalta is in NYC
New York City has the world's best wine lists and we're glad to see so many of our clients made the cut!
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                           We're excited to annouce Col di Lamo is building a new cellar! You can see photos of Gianna Neri at the site here.

Congratulations to MASUT DA RIVE for taking home the bronze at the Decanter World Wine Awards with their delicious Sauvignon blanc 2013!

                                 MARCO SFERLAZZO from Porta del Vento is here!

                                 STEFANO RICAGNO from Ca' dei Mandorli is visiting!

                                     VALERIA RADICI-ODERO from Frecciarossa & NICOLA PASQUERO from Hilberg are visitiing!

                                               LORENZO SIGNORINI from Cecilia is in NYC! 

                                            FABRIZIO GALLO from Masut da Rive is in NYC!

                                         RENZO SEGHESIO IN NYC! 4/28/2014

                                              PIER BOVONE - CORNAREA IN NYC! 4/23/2014

                                         MATTEO GIUSTINIANI - FATTORIA SARDI IN NYC! 4/14/ 2014

                                            DINO and IACOPO in VERONA - vinitaly 2014!

                                            ALBERTO BRINI - IL CONVENTINO IN NYC! 3/26/2014

                                              BRUNO DE CONCILIIS IN NYC! 3/10/2014

                                        Congratulations to Scarzello! Barolo 2007 - 91 pts WINE SPECTATOR!

                                             CONGRATULATIONS TO ROCCHE DEI MANZONI: Barolo Bussia Pianpolvere Soprano is one of the best 50 ITALIAN TOP WINES!

                                           SAVE THE DATE: De Conciliis wine dinner - October 7th at AROMA KITCHEN!

                                    Congratulations to FRECCIAROSSA!
                                    Pinot Nero Giorgio Oddero won the TRE BICCHIERI for the forth time in a row! 

                                    Wine Spectator:

                                    Wine Spectator Insider: Tenuta di Trecciano Daniello 2009 - 93 points (Vol. 9)

                                       Sommelier Journal: congratulation to TENUTA DI TRECCIANO- CHIANTI CLASSICO COLLINE SENESI!