Az. Agricola Calatroni – Calatroni Pinot Nero DOC

Producer: Az. Agricola Calatroni
Wine: Pinot Nero DOC
Grape Variety: 100% Pinot Nero
Production Zone: Oltrepo’ Pavese
Altitude: 500 feet above sea level
Surface Area/Yield: 5 acres, 3 tons/acre
Exposure: Northwest
Soil: Calcareous
Vinification & Aging: The grapes were harvested in mid-September, when the grapes reached the vegetative and phonological maturity in order to obtain refined, elegant tannins that are not too aggressive. At the arrival in the winery, the grapes went into thermal conditioned tanks. The must was left in contact with the skins for 3 days at 60 degrees, allowing for all the color and aroma to be extracted from the skins. At this temperature, the winemakers avoided the abstraction of ‘green’ tannins that may cause a strong astringency. After 70 hours, selected yeasts were added, thus beginning the alcoholic fermentation. After 2 days of maceration, the wine was racked. In the spring the wine was bottled and refined in the bottle for at least 3 months prior to its release on the market.
Production: 850 cases
Alcohol: 13%
Description: Deep, bright red color with an intense aroma of wild strawberry, red cherry, dried mushrooms, leather and black tea. Supple in the mouth with balanced acidity and tannin.
Food Pairing: Excellent with light pastas, grilled vegetables, hearty fish, poultry, soft cheeses
Bianco Fiordaliso