Cecilia Wines at Veloce Pizzeria, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, June 14 at 10:30pm – June 15 at 12:00am

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Veloce Pizzeria

103 1st Avenue between 6th and 7th Street

New York, NY

Come sample the unique wines of the Island of Elba!

Winemaker Lorenzo Signorini of Cecilia will be there to present his unique wines of the Island of Elba.

Lorenzo Signorini’s uncle, Giuseppe Camerini, helped create Cecilia’s amazing wines by applying his passion
for math and science, creating a customized temperature control system and special filters for the Cecilia cellar.
Camerini’s love of numbers also extends to Cecilia’s label design, which displays a completely unique aperiodic
pattern on every label (in other words, a non-repetitive pattern to infinity!).

All food and wine offered at 50% discount.


Cecilia Ansonica 2010
Cecilia Elba Tosso 2009
Cecilia Vermentino 2010
Cecilia Syrah Oglasa 2006
Cecilia Elba Rosso Riserva 2006
Cecilia Aleatico 2007