Chanterelle 25th Anniversary Celebration, November 2004

Chanterelle Restaurant

25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner

November 14, 2004

Large dinner and party held at Chanterelle to celebrate the restaurant’s 25th Anniversary.  The party coincided with our Austrian producers’ arrival to New York for several promotional events, so Pauli Schandl, Christian Fischer, Sighardt Donabaum, Johannes Gebeshuber and Helmut Gangl accompanied Dino to the dinner and they stayed and danced until well into the morning.  The dinner menu was designed with care (and hand-written) and accompanied by Vignaioli wines including Sighardt Donabaum’s Riesling with oxtail and fois gras, Frecciarossa’s unique Uvarara with potato ravioli with black and white truffle sauces and Ada Nada’s Barbaresco ‘Valeirano’ with a tender loin of lamb.  Congratulations Chanterelle!  We look forward to 25 more years!