Food & Wine

Food and Wine

April 2005

Wine Report: Lombardy, Italy
by David Lynch

Frecciarossa Giorgio Odero Pinot Nero 2001

Though perhaps best known for its funky cheeses-Taleggio, Gorgonzola and Robiola- Lombardy is also gaining a reputation as one of Italy ‘s most dynamic wine zones. Noteworthy wines are being grown by newcomers and established estates in virtually every part of this geographically diverse region.

OLTREPO’ PAVESE – Although Oltrepo` Pavese (a little wedge of land in the Apennine hills south of Milan) still competes with Soave for the dubious distinction of being Italy’s most productive wine region, there are some serious wines now being made there as well. These include the Giorgio Odero Pinot Noir from Frecciarossa ($27).