Gambero Rosso 2003

Gambero Rosso 2003

winners of the three glasses

Hilberg Nebbiolo d’Alba ‘00
The Nebbiolo d?Alba is always big, confirming the optimal impressions of the last year: the color is intense and the olfactory timbre is clean and complex, with notes of spicy wood and hints of fruit and red flowers; in the mouth it is powerful with character, followed by a large, balanced finish.

Begali Amarone Ca’ Bianca ‘97

Begali Reciotto della Valpolicella ‘00
Intense and inviting, with perfumes of syrupy red fruit, made more rich from hints of roses, the Recioto succeeds in uniting each element fully. In the mouth, the wine is perfectly correspondent with the aromas, rich, and sweet, with a beautiful fresh vein that gives it agility and elegance.

Nicolis Amarone Classico Ambrosan ‘98
Warm and charming, the Ambrosan succeeds in uniting a sunny Mediterranean character with features more specific to its territory, without sacrificing its elegance. It presents itself as floral and opulent, with dry fruit accompanied by marine notes. The progression in the mouth knows no boundaries, the substance is creamy and satiny, with lingering impressions of precious herbs, cocoa, and flowers that characterize the dreamy finish.

Paternoster Aglianico del Vulture Rotondo ‘00
The excellent Aglianico del Vulture Vigneto Rotondo again won 3 Bicchieri this year. What can we say other than the wine is simply fantastic? It may be even better than last year?s, and sets this long-standing estate (founded in 1925) firmly among Italy?s top group of wineries. Rotondo ?00 looks good, from its opaque dark ruby color onwards. The nose is intense, complex and refined, with small red berry fruits and delicate hints of spices and vanilla. The palate is mouthfilling, full of stuffing and tightly knit, but the tannins are its crowning glory. It develops evenly too, finishing with fruit and elegant balsamic notes on the aftertaste.

winners of wine

Scarzello Barolo Vigna Merenda ‘98
The Barolo Vigna Merenda demonstrates the typical garnet color and a nose dominated by hints of berries and rhubarb, the perfume of dried rose petals; on the palate, the result is dry and pleasingly strong.

Scarzello Barolo ‘97
This Barolo subtly approaches mineral and botanical tones that evolve into sweet hints of jam; on the palate it is tidy and satisfying.

Paolo Conterno Barolo Ginestra ’97
Stands out in it?s class; benefited from aging in oak to develop complex aromas of jam and spice. The effect on the palate is concise and balanced and the finish brings memories of morello cherries and licorice which marry beautifully with the tannins typical of the cru.

Paolo Conterno Barolo Ginestra ’98
The Barolo Ginestra presents itself with a loaded pomegranate color as a prelude to aromas typically austere and intense; the flavor is elegant and expressive with a long, warm, harmonious finish.

Hilberg Barbera d’Alba Sup. ‘00
Always of the highest quality is the Hilberg Barbera Superiore: complex and involved bouquet on the nose, with an enviable effect in the mouth and a pleasantly sweet and persistent finish.

Hilberg Langhe Rosso Pedrocha ‘00
The Rosso Pedrocha is a successful and charming mix of Nebbiolo (60%) and Barbera (40%), named after the ancient name for the region of Priocca where the wine is produced.

Hilberg Vareij ‘01
The Vareij is a provocative curiosity, the fruit of a pleasant encounter of Barbera (65%) and Brachetto (35%), yielding an optimal interpretation.

Ada Nada Barbaresco Valeirano ‘99
The Valeirano is of a garnet color, with orange-tinted reflections. On the nose emerge hints of spices, herbs and hay; on the palate, it maintains an austere presentation with dry tannins.

Ada Nada Barbaresco Cichin ‘99
The Cichin is ruby in color, with garnet reflections, decisively more fruity and precise than the Valeirano, as well more powerful, with pulp and sweetness, on the mouth.

Ca’ dei Mandorli Brachetto d’Acqui ‘01
Classic for the region, the Brachetto d?Acqui is fresh and foamy.

Begali Amarone Ca’ Bianca ‘98
Optimal interpretation; dark but not impenetrable color, gradual and complex on the nose. The profumes resurface in the mouth, where notes of oak contribute to a clean balance and to the integrity of the aromas.

Begali Reciotto della Valpolicella ‘99

Sovestro San Gimignano Rosso ‘00

Nicolis Valpolicella Classico Superiore Seccal ‘00
The Seccal is produced using masterfully controlled techniques. The aromas of flowers and herbs mix with a clean fruitiness and the flavor is dry and promptly delivers notes of cherry stones and aromatic herbs; the high quality of the wine will allow it to age well for the next several years.

Masut da Rive Merlot Isonzo ‘00
Of a superb quality, the Merlot is intriguing on the nose with balmy, mineral aromas well balanced with a deep fruitiness.

Masut da Rive Pinot Bianco Isonzo ‘00

Ronco del Gnemiz Sauvignon Riserva ‘99
This ?99 Riserve, delicately vanilla on the nose (with peach and lemon that return to the palate), has a pleasant substance.

La Sala Chianti Classico ‘99
Very interesting wine; on the nose mild sensations of oak with hints of vanilla and perfectly ripe fruit. In the mouth it is round, pleasantly sweet and well-balanced. The long lasting finish denotes a big personality.

La Sala Chianti Classico Riserva ‘99
This fine Riserve presents a compact nose, accompanied by ripe fruit. The palate is well-balanced, sweet and broad in development, with lively and savory tannins.

La Sala Campo all’Albero ‘98

Il Faggeto Vino Nobile di Montepulciano ‘99
Considerably ascending in quality in respect to previous years, the ?99 Vino Nobile has clean aromas with notes of cherries and licorice and a soft, yet intense flavor with an appreciable final cohesion.

De Conciliis Naima ‘99
Among the best of the reds of the region, the De Conciliis Naima is deep ruby in color with purple reflections. Strong aromas of ripe red fruit open on the nose, with notes that vary from blackberries to plums to cherries, rendered all the more complex by the toasted timbre of new wood and a hint of graphite. Warm and rich with pulpy fruit in the mouth; hints of tobacco and vanilla linger, all contributing to create a wonderfully balanced wine.

Paternoster Aglianico del Vulture Don Anselmo ‘98
Don Anselmo ?98 just oozes class. It is a dark ruby rending to garnet on the rim. The nose is more austere but this is counterbalanced by its open breadth. There is power and good structure on the evenly textured palate with its flavors of cocoa powder, coffee, blueberry and blackberry. Perfectly integrated tannins and a pure, long finish complete the picture.

Paternoster Aglianico del Vulture Synthesi ‘00
This is an easier, less-complex, immediate Aglianico but it?s just as clean, full-bodied and well made as its stablemates.