De Conciliis – Naima Willburger

Producer: De Conciliis
Wine: Naima Willburger
Grape Variety: Aglianico
Production Zone: Cilento
Altitude: 825 above sea level
Surface Area/Yield: 4 acres
Exposure: Southwest
Soil: Clay, marn, sandstone
Vinification & Aging: After the grapes were harvested they come to the winery to be sorted to select the best grapes. Then the grapes go through desteming and crush with soft rolls. They fermented in open tanks by natural yeasts, 6 years of aging in oak (500 lt tonneau).
Acidity: 6,4
Residual Sugar: 0
Production: 330 cases made only for this special dedication to Willburger who was the labels designer for all Bruno’s wines and he passed away 4 years ago.
Alcohol: 16%
Description: Aglianico in its best form with long refined finish. Ruby red color, aroma of roses, tobacco. Full body, great balance and very smooth finish.
Food Pairing: Any cuts of meat, rich pasta, ragout.
Naima Willburger