De Conciliis – Selim

Producer: De Conciliis
Wine: Selim
Grape Variety: 65% Fiano, 35% Aglianico
Production Zone: Alto Cilento
Altitude: 750 feet above sea level
Surface Area/Yield: 2.2 acre/ 3 tons per acre
Exposure: Southwest
Soil: Cilentan Flinty, calcareous, mix clay
Vinification & Aging: Selim is produced with the Charmat method.
Production: 2,500 cases
Alcohol: 12.5%
Description: The Aglianico (still pink in color) and Fiano are picked early in the vineyard and shipped to Valdobbiadene for fermentation. The ripeness of the grapes causes a low PH balance of 3.1 giving it a fresher and dry mouthfeel. This sparkling wine shows a brilliant greenish yellow color. The nose and palate denotes intense, clean and pleasing aromas and flavors that start with hints of pineapple, pear and apple followed by aromas of peach, tangerine.
Food Pairing: Fava beans with fresh goat cheese. Ideal for appetizer.