De Conciliis – Latoscuro

Producer: De Conciliis
Wine: Latoscuro
Grape Variety: Aglianico
Production Zone: Cilento
Altitude: 1800 feet above sea level
Surface Area/Yield: 1/2 ton per acre
Exposure: Various exposures depends on the side
Soil: Chalky, sandy and rocky
Vinification & Aging: After the grape selection is made the wine goes through the first alcoholic fermentation, then the must stays in the tanks for 48 hours to finish. After this it is ready to go through the maceration process with added skin of the Fiano which adds a nice acidity and aroma to the wine. This long maceration lasts for 2 weeks after which the wine goes into the 500 hl barrels for aging which takes almost three and half years. Once the wine is ready has been clear and then bottles. It will age for another year before the release.
Acidity: 7.2
Residual Sugar: zero
Production: 100 cases
Alcohol: 13.5%
Description: Coming Soon
Food Pairing: Meaty meals specially lamb, buffalo and veal.