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Lazio Wineries

When you think of Latium (Lazio in Italian), the first thing that comes to mind is the glory of the Eternal City, Rome, the grandeur of St. Peter’s, and the famous Roman pizzerias and trattorias where some of the western world’s most ancient dishes are still prepared daily: spaghetti with rendered pig’s cheek; spaghetti with sharp pecorino and freshly cracked pepper; baby lamb stewed with rosemary, garlic, and anchovies; fried artichokes “alla Giudia,” and the omni-present stewed ox-tail and “pajata,” milk-fed veal’s small intestines, cooked in tomato sauce and then served over rigatoni.
Many do not realize that Latium is also one of Italy’s leading producers of wine (it ranks sixth among the wine-producing regions, with over 15% of the vines devoted to the production of DOC wines). Most popular among Italian wine enthusiasts are the many DOC whites of this region, made from vines cultivated on ancient volcanic soil of the inland mountains.