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Liguria vineyard
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Liguria Wineries

Prima Terra Srl was born in 2003 from the idea and passion of three people who had in common the love for Cinque Terre viticulture and all that represents wine from a ‘cultural’ and ‘environmental’ point of view. Walter De Battè is one of the few ‘young and idealistic wine growers in Cinque Terre, and he is known worldwide for the quality of his wines and for his personal research in this field. For its founders, Prima Terra is not only a winery but also a cultural project which involves historical Lunigiana: this is a region among regions, including the provinces of La Spezia and Massa – Carrara, a meeting point for the different cultural identities: the Saracen-Mediterranean one of the coast, the linguistic-apenninic one of the villages in Val di Vara, and the Ligurian-Apuan one of the medieval hamlets on the sharp Apuan Alps. Historical Lunigiana is one of the places where the Celts, during their migration, met the sweet culture of Mare Nostrum. Wines produced here are ‘stone wines’: wines characterized by an intense mineral pattern which comes straight from the rocks through the roots of the grape to the bottle and the taste of wine. The ambition of Prima Terra is to provide the opening words of a story which will be fully told by the heady glass of wine.