Sesterzio – Gaudium Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio

Producer: Sesterzio
Wine: Gaudium Terrazze Retiche di Sondrio
Grape Variety: Nebbiolo 100%
Production Zone: Comune di Berbenno di Valtellina
Altitude: From 656 to 1148 feet above the sea
Surface Area/Yield: 9.88 acres
Exposure: South
Soil: Sandy
Vinification & Aging: This is a red wine made from Nebbiolo grapes harvested in Comune di Berbenno di Valtellina. Made following the traditional vinication process where all the skins are fully submerged in the juice during the maceration. After a brief aging in oak barrels, it is transfered to the bottles for an additional 12 months of aging.
Production: 6500 bottles per year
Alcohol: 13%
pH: a 20°C 3.59
Acidity: 5.41 g/l
Sugars: 1.1 g/l
Sulfites: 61 mg/l
Description: The name Gaudium is from the Latin: Joy. No other name could be better suited for this wine’s characteristichs. The wine is young, easy to drink and appropriate for the finest palates. It is the one that shows the philosophy of its making at its best. The color is ruby red. To the nose there is sublte scents of red berries. To the palate, it is dry with light tannins, pleasantly rich in taste with a mild acidity and an elegant finish.
Food Pairing: It is a match with the traditional dishes from Valtellina, pizzoccheri, sciatt, polenta and casera cheese.