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From Valdobbiadene to Breganze, from the Euganean Hills near Padua to the famous vine-bearing flatlands of Verona, the Veneto can boast of some of the greatest wine country in all of Italy. Like the ruddy-faced Venetians (their name comes from Venus, and they are, indeed, the “beloved” people of Italy), the rich, fertile land of their countryside produces robust red and white grapes whose sweetness is matched only by passion of the industrious wine-makers there. This is a land where hearty stews are paired with rich Amarone: the classic dish pastissada di cavallo–a stew of horse meat served with polenta–is just one of the great recipes of Verona, a noble and ancient dish truly deserving of the world-famous wines that they make here.

Vignaioli is proud to be the North American importer of Lorenzo Begali’s wines. Called by the Gambero Rosso “the heir to the great Veronese viticultural tradition”, Lorenzo is one of Italy’s most respected winemakers. His Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Vigneto Monte Ca’ Bianca is one of the best Amarone Crus to come out of Verona in some time and it is one of the only Amarone Crus available today in the United States.