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The Motor Valley is still preserving a natural setting, where traditions and old flavours revive, such as: the Lambrusco, a “par excellence” wine typical of the hills of Modena, a land that has been devoting to agriculture and wine cultivation from time immemorial. “Cantina di Formigine” was established in 1920 by 49 local grewers. The work started by those pioneers has never been broken off and, just after a century, the Company has turned into “Cantina Formigine Pedemontana”, a modern concern set up by merging the Cantina Pedemontana of Sassuolo, formed by 420 partners, who grow rare grapes on an expanse of 600 hectares of vineyards, 60% of Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC.

The new factory has been conceived through forefront solutions, but without leaving out the tradition; a fusion of past and future thus combining the age-long experience of traditional wine-making and the refinement of a modern flavour. A tasting point and a practical and functional wine-shop welcomes the customers and offers high-quality but cheap products. Directly from the viticulturist to a custom, with dedication, abnegation and passion.