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The success and history of Castellargo Family Vineyards are strongly linked to the person of its founder. For over 35 years Argo Atal Castellarin has been devoting himself to the cultivation of the family vineyards, managing the promotion and distribution of regional Friulan wines throughout the world. Castellargo production zones extend over a total area of about 200 hectares (500 acres), from the Friuli hills to the plain of the river Tagliamento.

The grapes originating from Vendoglio di Treppo Grande, a production zone immersed in a soft, unspoilt and romantic landscape, bring out wines full in flavor, round and velvety on the palate. The poor soils extending alongside the Tagliamento riverbed, on the other hand, host stronger vines which bring out fragrant wines with an intense scent and a fruity body. All wines stand out for their quality and refinement, above all for the peculiarity and character of each single vine and terroir.