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Veronelli ‘Guida Oro’ 2010

Guida Oro 2010 “ Guida Oro” Veronelli “The Best Tastings of the Year” Exceptional Wines Three Stars 93 Peter Sölva Amistar Edizione Rossa 2006 93 Il [...]

Gambero Rosso 2005

Gambero Rosso 2012 Begali Amarone della Valpolicella Cl. Vigneto Monte Ca' Bianca ‘00 What is astonishing about this winery run by Lorenzo Begali and his family, [...]

Gambero Rosso 2006

Gambero Rosso 2006 Masut da Rive Friuli Isonzo Tocai Friulano '04 When a solid heritage of tradition, in their father Silvano, combines with resolute innovation in [...]

Gambero Rosso 2007

Gambero Rosso 2007 Hilberg Nebbiolo d’Alba ’04 Tasting is not always the only way to know and appreciate the virtue of a wine. It happens rarely- [...]