Mouthwatering: Peter Sölva 2015 Vernatsch

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Mouthwatering: Peter Sölva 2015 Vernatsch

We’ve written about the wines of Peter Sölva here on the Vignaioli blog (check out a recent producer profile, the Vignaioli producer page, and winery website here).

His wines are among owner and founder Dino Tantawi’s favorites and yesterday, he opened the Sölva 2015 Vernatsch for us to taste.

Well, that’s not entirely true: He actually poured us a bottle that had been open for a few days. But that didn’t make a difference: This wine, even after a few days of aeration, was so fresh and so clean that you would have never noticed (it’s one of the reasons that it makes for such a great restaurant wine).

Classic berry fruit and some hints of nuttiness (think almonds) showed gorgeously in this South Tyrol wine, which is made from 100 percent Vernatsch, otherwise known as Schiava in Italian (and also known as Trollinger in German).

As spring melts into summer, Dino suggests serving it slightly chilled, with antipasti and speck, the classic cured and gently smoked ham that is produced in South Tyrol.

But this wine’s bright character and lithe texture in the mouth makes a perfect accompaniment for a wide variety of light dishes and although it’s not a traditional pairing, it could even be paired with smoked fish or light white fish.