October 14, 2016
vine best modern style chianti

La Sala in Chianti Classico, an under-the-radar classic (and they like it that way)

Winery website. Producer page. Although relatively unknown in the United States beyond New York (where the wines are coveted by some of the country’s leading sommeliers), […]
October 7, 2016
bibenda tasting gala room

Winners of top Bibenda honors in 2016: Scarzello and Hilberg-Pasquero

As the world of Italian wine gears for the announcement of this year’s (2017) winners of the prestigious Bibenda Cinque Grappoli awards (the “five grape bunches” […]
September 30, 2016
porta del vento sicilian wines

Porta del Vento, one of Sicily’s most beloved organic growers and torchbearer of local viticultural tradition

Winery website. Winery Facebook. Vignaioli producer page. Over the last decade or so, many fantastic wines have emerged from Sicily, where temperature-controlled fermentation and Sicilian winemakers’ […]
September 15, 2016
cork buzz new york

Thanks to everyone who came out for our 17th annual portfolio tasting!

A note from Vignaioli Selection owner and founder Dino Tantawi: Thank you to all the people who came out for our 17th annual portfolio tasting this […]